Uganda To Play Zimbabwe

The Rugby 7s tournament starts off this Friday between Uganda and Zimbabwe. There are four pools that have been formed. Each pool comprises of three countries each. Pool A comprises of Senegal, Nigeria and Kenya while Pool B comprises of Uganda, Mauritius and Zimbabwe. Pool C comprises of Zambia, Madagascar and Morocco while Pool D comprises of Botswana, Namibia and Tunisia. Eric Kasita will be handling the captaincy of the African 7s team. It was initially handled by Tolbert Onyango, who was the coach for Rugby Cranes 7s.

The choice of the captaincy has been appropriated as Kasita is regarded as one of the experienced players in the team, having the maximum years of playing experience in the region. He had been part of the Commonwealth Games as well. He handled the Safari 7s which occurred last year. He had also been hooked for the national team the Rugby Cranes.

Onyango stated to the media that they were trying to build a new 7s team for which Kasita has adequate exposure to lead. He is optimistic about how the trip will come about. He is confident that the team will perform well and the results will be better than what was experienced last year.

The last edition saw the Rugby Cranes winning one game. They won against Burundi with a score of 55-0. They also suffered a loss of 12-10 to Zambia team as well as to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Brazil. Uganda is part of Pool B. The campaign opens on Friday with them playing against Zimbabwe.

The fans will be looking forward to the team’s performance and waiting to see how this season unfolds with the consecutive matches all lined up. The practice sessions are on and it is hopeful that the teams will show better results this time and have exciting matches for the spectators to experience.