22 comments on “Tuilagi punch HD

  1. I mean this seriously and am not having a go at him, but this is Ashton’s
    most impressive rugby moment I think.

  2. I would have died/ been hospitalised with brain damage upon taking that
    punch – that would have been like having a baseball bat to the side of the

  3. this is correct. if you want to get a rugby player out of the game you have
    to throw a dildo at them, they’ll promptly stop playing and begin

  4. I thought a KO punch was you know, supposed to knock people out. He took it
    like a champ.

  5. It’s rugby…you can’t knock a rugby player out. FACT. It would have KOed
    anyone else.

  6. Yes this is awesome to finally see Ashton get what he deserves and it’s
    even better when you’re Welsh 😀

  7. Hmm. I know it’s rugby and I bet you your life’s riches that a Rugby player
    can be knocked out. The title says K.O punch. There is NO knock out in this
    video FACT. It may KO eveyone else but that not in this video.

  8. He didn’t fell because that punch was on his head…but if that shot hit
    his chin game over

  9. I would punch da living daylight out of Ashton evev if it is juss a so
    called shove.lolllllll

  10. Any UFC fighter or boxer worth his salt would see that ridiculous haymaker
    coming from next week and would simple dodge.

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