25 comments on “Sergio Parisse Tribute (new)

  1. No he’s not the best, the best is Keiran Reid although if Picamoles or
    Parisse were to play for the all blacks we’re facing the probability that
    they could be the best 8’s of all time, I would consider Parisse one of the
    best ever because he has the full skill set (moreso than Picamoles) and is
    also a great leader, he’s almost single-handedly pushed the rest of the
    Italian team over the past 5+ years to wins over Scotland, Ireland, France
    and to run Australia close.

  2. Regarde le score à chaque fois qu’il joue contre ses nations là , l’Italie
    n’as jamais gagné . Le meilleur n°8 du monde doit jouer dans une des
    meilleures équipes du monde , Parisse est bon , mais ce n’est pas le
    meilleur n°8 du monde

  3. I don’t really get what you’re saying, Parisse has performed exceptionally
    against New Zealand, Australia and England over the years. To be honest
    Picamoles is becoming a legend in his own right but he’ll have to beat the
    likes of New Zealand before he truly can acheive that status, either that
    or just keep playing as he has been for the next 5 years.

  4. Oui mais Picamoles l’a prouvé avec ses matchs contre l’Australie , la
    Nouvelle Zélande ou même contre l’Angleterre , alors que Parisse n’a jamais
    eu l’occasion de le prouver avec sa sélection puisqu’ils n’ont jamais
    disputé de réel match à enjeu , à part dans le tournoi des six nations

  5. That I had guessed, although just because I’m English doesn’t mean I think
    Parisse is a legend in his country while Ben Morgan is a legend in the

  6. Non ci avevo fatto caso! 🙂 Cmq grazie del lavoro meraviglioso che fai!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Nice I have a ma’a nonu tribute with “Burn it down” Linkin park and it
    doesn’t have copyright because it was from a live session but it sounds
    exactly like the original haha.

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