25 comments on “Sean Maitland Tribute

  1. He hasn’t quite fired since leaving New Zealand but if he plays like he did
    for Canterbury he could be a shout out for the test

  2. the guy is a hypocrite. I remember a few years ago he said in an interview
    ‘its my dream to be an all black”. He has no backbone or loyalty

  3. I like Sean Maitland, he a good addiction to the British and Irish Lions.
    He is clever, fast and works very hard and get involved. The Scots should
    be grateful to have him. This is from a Welsh Man 🙂

  4. agreed but I think if he was playing with halfpenny his defensive frailties
    might not be as exposed and on offense he is lethal.

  5. Wheels McGill. Quality epic music choice!!Sad to see him leave the Super
    15s but was great to see him play on the International Scene for Scotland
    still. Great video!

  6. he plays for scotland now, joined the glasgow warriors just before
    christmas i’m sure

  7. is he playing for NZ U21’s there? I didn’t think you could change
    international team if you had already chosen one?

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