Saracens Won’t Appeal

Saracens is not going to appeal the 13-week ban served to Chris Ashton. Chris Ashton got this punishment for biting another player. But the club has decided not to appeal against the ban. Chris was banned by an independent panel after looking into the said incident.

However, Chris is all set to leave the club. He has signed Toulon for the upcoming season. As for Saracens’ boss, Mark McCall, it was an easy decision to not appeal the ban. He thought that serving the ban would be the ideal scenario for Chris’s career. According to him, it will help Chris’s personality as well.

The club has made its intentions very clear. They don’t want to appeal the decision doled out by the independent panel. The panel had 3 members.

What really happened during the game? What resulted in the ban? Well, Chris bites Alex Walter’s arm twice during a match with Northampton. There were 2 charges against him. But the panel decided to move ahead with a single charge. And as a result, he won’t be playing until 19th December. Did this incident result in his decision to quit the club? May be there is a connection. But the player is yet to speak on it.

He was given an extra week. But before the panel, he denied both charges. Again, he was banned for 10 weeks in January. That was for putting his hands near the eye area of the opponent.

Saracens was immediate to confirm that they won’t be going for an appeal. The decision came really fast. They said that given the independent panel found him guilty of one of the two charges brought against him, they have decided not to go ahead with an appeal. It’s only a 13-week ban and the Ashton will be able to restart his playing career starting from 19th December this year.