Northampton Furious Over Ashton

Northampton is not happy about the Chris Ashton scenario. Chris Ashton has been found guilty in the incident involving biting the Northampton player Alex Waller. There were 2 charges brought against Chris. Of which, they found him guilty on the second one and he will have to stay away from the fields for the next 13 matches so as to serve his ban.

Northampton is really furious with the fact that he was allowed to stay on the field until the end of the game. This incident was never referred to the match official. By not doing so, it affected the chances of Northampton and that explains why they are not that happy about this.

However, Saracens have made it very clear that they are not going to appeal the ban. The Northampton captain Tom Wood and assistant-coach are not that happy with the fact that there was no immediate action and that affected the game as well. They said Waller showed the bite marks to the referee. And he should have taken an immediate decision on the field, which unfortunately didn’t happen.

Northampton side more things to be upset about during the same game. Later, they had to play with a 14-member team. The referee penalized Waller for an illegal tackle. And that helped Saracens to win the game. A timely intervention could have avoided such a scenario. Therefore, the Saint’s reaction is totally justified.

The Northampton side was mainly upset with the fact that there was no timely action. It was clearly a red card. But the referee didn’t think so. Alex got away with a yellow for the tackle. Such poor refereeing decisions can make it very difficult for teams to trust the officials. A bite is not a small thing. They were supposed to do something about it right away, which didn’t happen.