17 comments on “Morné Steyn Tribute

  1. He’s actually got no running game whatsoever. If he couldn’t kick he’d be
    the worst fly-half in international rugby. Why you guys continue to put
    Kirchner and Steyn in the squad despite their crap games is completely
    beyond me. – this coming from a born South African

  2. Remember that the Bokke put themselves under a lot of pressure in 2011 by
    not scoring Tries. You can’t blame Morne or even Bryce Girl for the Boks
    loss… our players did not cross the line. Same applies with Aus last
    Saturday, cross the line and build on it!

  3. It’s not the kicking that makes him better then Lambie or any other kicker,
    it is the fact that he is the ONLY kicker other then Carter that motivates
    the back line and one of the only (and the best) chip kicker, he motivates
    ZANE!! I do agree that he needed a rest. Dan Carter has had bad form much
    more often then Morne, points/games = kick%, not total points! I would rate
    them equal to be honest as Carter runs the ball better (his tries are more
    creative then Morne as well but 5pts is 5pts).

  4. because hes a blue bull at heart and played there for so many years, people
    will constantly say hes not a good player, but hes class and the best fly
    half in the world.

  5. So what the fuck are you doing here then you KIWI wanker!!!! Oh i forgot
    there’s no cool videos like this from Dan Carter

  6. Morne Steyn, still got it or tho i think last year he just had a bad
    season. i think he will do well in france.

  7. Best fly half in the world! He might have had a bad season last year, but
    he is the top point scorer in the SuperRugby series! Suck it arrogant

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