25 comments on “Martín Castrogiovanni – Tribute

  1. since when? i have only seen castro put in a decent hit, a few good players
    in the pack but i wouldnt go so far to say they out match your backs…….

  2. yes they are?!?!?!?! their scrum is amazing! hahaha you should check out
    the all blacks vs italy full match on youtube, not first all blacks team
    but nz got shat all over in the scrum, lo cicero, perugini, and now

  3. Love castro hes old school in a modern era, the italians arent known for
    their scrum, but jesus he doesent half know how to scrumage, would love to
    get tips from him superb

  4. Damn Leicester Tigers, hogging two of Europe’s (maybe the world’s??) best
    tighthead props.

  5. Well regardless i love watching the italians play every year they improve,
    hopefully a top rugby nation in a few more years time

  6. btw people bare in mind that one third of the argentinian population is
    italian origin 🙂 just saying

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