25 comments on “Manu Tuilagi Punches Chris Ashton!

  1. Good on Ashton for taking it like a man! I think he’s one of the best wingers out there, it must be extremely awkward for him being in the England side with Tuilangi.

  2. @chalkus are you even watching the same video? Tuilagi takes Ashton after the pass was made and the ball had hit the deck, he went out of his way to take Ashton out. Secondly Ashton pushed Tuilagi in the back of the shoulders not his head, how many people do you know who throw a punch with both hands with their palms open?! One push clearly doesn’t deserve three punches to the head, Tuilagi was way out of order, he deserved a longer ban.

  3. despite the fact that there is no fault, if I were a player of Northampton, I jumped and stuck my knee right in the face of this bastard

  4. @chalkus but ashton had the intelligence not to do it in the first place, the decision was unfair, are u tigers fan? cuz i saints fan

  5. @MrMushypeas123 For striking the back of his head. He doesn’t tackle off the ball, ashton took the ball and knocked on, Tuilagi was unsighted and committed to the tackle…. NOTHING wrong with that. It starts to decend to a farce when Ashton attacks Tuilagi

  6. @tomsta3 Are you stupid? Manu hits ashton around the SHOULDER, ashton STRIKES him in hte BACK OF THE HEAD and Manu hits him with 3 punches that Manny Pacquaio would have done a lot quicker, using both hands and punching in the correct areas and not the side of the head.

    You comment was coming from a filthy reactionary prick

  7. @rabbiemunro Have you actually watched the video or ever played rugby to a decent level? He had committed to the tackle, ashton knocked the ball on and took the hit, that part was fair. That WAS NOT an off the ball challenge.

    Unfortunately, as you don’t have the intellect to cope with this, imbecile, BOTH players at fault. Stop with your Stuart Barnes reactionary opinion, actually watch the video and stop being so emotional

  8. @TommRobinsonn

    I don’t care if he is the best player in the world or if you are aroused by him.

    He is the thug for committing such an action.

    End of.

  9. Wtf did he punch him for?? he tackles ashton off the ball then goes nuts bcus ashton gave him a little push?? talk about throwing your toys out of the buggy!!!

  10. tell you what fair play entirely for Ashton to stay standing let alone carry on that was a mean punch, poor display of sportsmanship but a testament too how tough rugby players really are !!

  11. @malosoli44 are you stupid?. Manu rings ashton around the neck , ashton gives him a slight nudge and Manu hits him with a 3 punch combo that manny fucking Pacquaio would be proud of and Ashton remains on his feet and just gets on with the rest of the game. if you got hit like that you would cry like a baby so fuck off.And this is coming from an Irish person so dont tell me im biased.

  12. @efks180 As samj180 said, you clearly know nothing about rugby. No true fan of the sport would disagree with that. You wouldn’t happen to be a Tigers fan by any chance?

  13. As samj180 said, you clearly know nothing about rugby. No true fan of the sport would disagree with that. You wouldn’t happen to be a Tigers fan by any chance?

  14. @chalkus It might not have been high, but it was certainly off the ball. How many off the ball challenges result in scraps on the pitch, players from both sides pushing and shoving? What Tuilagi did was disgraceful, completely out of order, it doesn’t belong in rugby and his ban should transcend well into next season.

    Crying foul play?! Are you retarded? What Tuilagi did isn’t some mild form of gamesmanship or a slight bending of the rules, it is borderline assault.


  16. @samj180 …Ashton shouldn’t start fights he can’t finish …hitting a guy in the back when he’s on the ground?

  17. Ashton is a fag …attacks a guy from behind who was still on the ground and then when he gets up starts running away like a little girl
    …the initial tackle put on Ashton wasn’t even high

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