16 comments on “manu tuilagi punches chris ashton

  1. @mjollnir38 Funny how you english love it when an Islander does
    well for your rugby team, but as soon as he does something a little
    out of hand to another english person, you label him a ‘thug’ and
    want instant deportation.
    I’m prety sure Ashton knew what was coming, I mean shit high-tackles
    happen on the field, but going and pushing someone on the ground is
    just childish.

  2. @ BecktonGasWorks, no brada. u sound like a bitch. quit acting like a kid just take the fucking hit and move on.smh haha oh and btw, thanks to all the samoan players that are playing for teams like all blacks, aussie…etc. including ur gay ass England team. so might as well, fuck you. i bet u never play rugby before.hahaha smh fucking morons

  3. @rascowilson11 Yeah,
    You’re laughing mate, but if some drunk did this to your little brother, you wouldnt think assaulting people would be so funny then, would you? No, you’d be blubbing screaming “Leave him alone”, whilst some virgin student, like yourself, said “ha ha, dont fuck with the Somoans.”

  4. it wanst a high tacle it wasnt a VERY fair talckle but it wast high itt wasnt a very dangerous tackle jst sayin

  5. Tuilagi started it, I’m afraid, with that cheap-shot of a high tackle – OFF THE BALL. Granted, Ashton shouldn;t have reacted with the push… but Rugby is a passionate, spontaneous game… , but then Tuilagi shouldn;t have followed it up with three haymakers, injuring Ashton in that way. Tuilagi was lucky not to have been sent off AND cited later on… (unless he was..???). He’s lost my respect for that performance. Perhaps he SHOULD have been deported when the chance was there.

  6. Stupid cunt, go fight ya dad back in your home country and play a different fucking sport you cheating cunt!

  7. Don’t ever push a Tuilagi in the back before you get knock out. If the fight kept on going Ashton will be in the hospital. Be very careful and Tuilagi’s is not the people you want to fight against.

  8. @mlaauli no he belongs in a zoo… cuz he’s an animal… its nt mockin him!! its a figure of speach about sum1 whos really strong!!

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