25 comments on “England v Italy Full Match Highlights 10 March 2013

  1. OMG, stfu, much worse England teams have smashed Italy at Twickenham. Italy
    were lucky England weren’t playing to anywhere near their potential.

  2. France is very desappointing this year. The “victory” 13-13 versus Ireland
    is a too small step to avoid the last place.

  3. just seven points again,we were so near to win this time…Great
    performance by Italy,i hope we can win against the irish

  4. Lmao this is probably the most proper, polite, nd boring highlight news
    ever, lol i almost fell asleep ha… leave it to a english man an his fairy
    faggot accsent to boreU 2 sleep..hip hip cheerio, top of da morning to ya,
    ello govnah, spot of tea will yah, i luv my crumpets with muffins…Frekn
    SillyNanny’s 🙂

  5. The subtitles are hilarious. They really are often wrong but funny words
    replace the correct ones.

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  7. 2:31, watch very closely, Toby Flood is faking the fall like a football
    player. Shame on the Leicester Fly-half.

  8. Thats not faking, his momentum is clearly halted, meaning penalisation was
    clearly deserved. What he was doing was making it known to the ref.

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