25 comments on “Chris Ashton try vs Australia – Nov 2010

  1. Can watch this try over and over again. Remebr watching it live. This what rugby is all about. Another reason why football is so boring!

  2. the alternative kit England have here is so much better then the all black one, should of kept it

  3. Listen, just listen to the crowd as he runs the pitch, imagine that screaming for you. Amazing.

  4. Step 1. Get Noah And The Whale’s song “The First Days Of Spring”
    Step 2. Pause it at 5:06
    Step 3. Play video and song (from paused time) at the same time, and enjoy!

  5. i hav seen this try like about a zillion times and everytime it gets better and thats coming from an allblacks supporter

  6. Arrogant prick.One of these days this wank is going to drop the ball.I hope it bounces up and hits him square on the mouth.Wanker.

  7. I know why people don’t like Ashton because he’s such a showboater and stuff, but that’s why I DO like him. He really brings the stadium alive every time he scores a try.

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