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  1. @gchelem No he’s not – he does his talking on pitch he celebrates his try’s no worse then most footballers celebrate goals. Without using the words swallow dive or try celebration explain how he is arrogant.

  2. i’ll admit ashton has a tonne of pace to burn, is he world class? well we’ll see come finals time, thats where you’ll see the world class players seperated from the rest.

  3. Ashton is world class don’t care what anyone says he is a terrific player when he gets the ball.

    England’s best winger since Ben Cohen.

  4. @LukeStrat88 Look mate Ashton his a world class winger, and yes the southern hemisphere do produce a lot of world class players, i’ll give you that, but ashton has proved that he can run rings around the aussies by scoring two tries against them. So just shut up and accept that he is amazing.

  5. @LukeStrat88 Yeah But How many times have the players you’ve named played for their country , probably over 30 appearances for each of them , and Chris ashton has only played for england what 14 times ???? … Plus he works harder than any of the wingers you’ve just named , how many of those wingers actually go looking for work ??

  6. @THEPROPNUMBA3 thats one run against a top international team how many times has mitchell, o’connor, habana, Digby, sivivatu, Jane, toeava and co consistently burnt the 6 nations squads to shreds. he’s a great player but in my opinion not better than the best of the southern hemisphere yet. not much in it though and he’s up and coming.. a prospect for sure

  7. @LukeStrat88 im sorry but did you not see him just burn drew mitchell, quade cooper AND james occonor?

  8. He’s a great player but lets see what he can do at the world cup, and the southern hemisphere doesn’t fear him at all, for every 1 world class winger you produce we produce 20.. week in and week out our guys come up against guys just as good as him. I doubt he’d make any of the Tri-Nations teams starting 15


  10. im sick and tired of hearing people whinging saying this guy is crap, 9 tries in 12 test matches is pretty good

  11. @SniperKillerEire909 No-one, english or otherwise, thinks he’s the best winger in the world. Wise the fuck up.

  12. @SniperKillerEire909 however in saying that, ashton still has alot of pottential, he is very young to rugby union for a league player and also tommy bowe is good yeah but i recon when ashton gets as much experience as bowe, he will be just as good. and also ireland didnt beat england just because ashton was on the bench england in general just played utterly shit, we got complacent, it had nothing to do with ashton.

    and also, if u hate ashton so much, why r u watching his tribute?

  13. @SniperKillerEire909 dude calm down, u cant speak for a nation, im english and i dont beleive he is the best winger ever, far from it, he is good at giving support lanes which is what the england team needed. however i do agree with you that jonah lomu is the greatest winger to ever play rugby, possibly best player regardless of position i think, its just unfortunate that he got a terrible leg dissability that stopped him in at the peak of his brilliant carrier.

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