25 comments on “Chris Ashton Brilliant Try – England v Australia – End of Year Tours, Autumn Internationals 2010

  1. most overated try, yeah its good but its not like the best try ever, the IRB try of the year should of gone to shne williams against france much better than this

  2. then i’m not sure you can call him names. If you think he’s a talentless twat who runs very fast then say so.. but say it to his face firstI would like to pass on my best wishes for all the teams in the World Cup.. fingers crossed England can grind a semi.. possibly a final out of the tournament

  3. OMFG Why can’t I do that. that is the greatest ever try by the greatest ever rugby player

  4. i will neva get tired of this vid, its jus so much better wen the Australian commentators comment on the brilliant counter by england 😛

  5. you can hear the commentary microphones hitting the tables in frustration. Not only is this funny, but it is also pretty pathetic

  6. Shame on Australia after beating the all blacks by 1 point and took them 3 and a haft Fucken years they get smashed by the English hahahaha

  7. Personally Jason robinsons try against wales was a better try because more skill was involved….



  9. @redzer06 ye m8 after we scored 3 tries in the first half against them, but anyway u should carry on eating ure potatoes 😉

    p.s england is going to own u in the upcoming test match in august

  10. Although Chris Ashton’s 90m run was phenomenal, Lawes’ drawing in of the defenders was perfect!
    I could watch this again and again and not get bored!

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