Ashton Bound For Toulon

Chris Ashton is bound for greener pastures as his transfer to Toulon has been confirmed. It is also proving to bring fresh opportunities for others, such as Nathan Earle, who is eyeing the opportunity to replace his position in Saracens team.

Ashton is leaving the Saracens team who is considered champions in the English rugby playing fields. Both his and Nathan Earle’s fates seem to be interdependent on each other. The young winger has played an impressive spell while he was on loan to the New Zealand team. As a result, the chance that has come by for Nathan to be part of Saracens might prove to be a boon for his career. (more…)

Saracens Boss On Chris Ashton

Saracens boss Mark McCall is not that happy about Chris Ashton leaving the club. According to Mark, Chris is going to regret his decision. He is all set to join his new club Toulon next season. The biggest problem lies with this move is that he will find it very hard to revive his England career.

As far as Chris Ashton’s contract with the club, he was supposed to play for the club for another 18 months. But the club has already secured compensation for it. Chris Ashton is currently serving a 13-week suspension. He got the suspension for biting another player. He joined the Northampton club 4 years ago. McCall seems to be really upset with his decision to leave the club. (more…)

Saracens Won’t Appeal

Saracens is not going to appeal the 13-week ban served to Chris Ashton. Chris Ashton got this punishment for biting another player. But the club has decided not to appeal against the ban. Chris was banned by an independent panel after looking into the said incident.

However, Chris is all set to leave the club. He has signed Toulon for the upcoming season. As for Saracens’ boss, Mark McCall, it was an easy decision to not appeal the ban. He thought that serving the ban would be the ideal scenario for Chris’s career. According to him, it will help Chris’s personality as well. (more…)

Northampton Furious Over Ashton

Northampton is not happy about the Chris Ashton scenario. Chris Ashton has been found guilty in the incident involving biting the Northampton player Alex Waller. There were 2 charges brought against Chris. Of which, they found him guilty on the second one and he will have to stay away from the fields for the next 13 matches so as to serve his ban.

Northampton is really furious with the fact that he was allowed to stay on the field until the end of the game. This incident was never referred to the match official. By not doing so, it affected the chances of Northampton and that explains why they are not that happy about this. (more…)

Canada 7s Men

Not all is sundry with the players of Canada men 7s team. There is a debate going on with the players and the management regarding how financially viable it is to run the program. The dispute that has arisen between the sevens team and the management has made the current programs uncertain. There is not much of clear news at the moment.

However, the distance between the two parts of the program is apparent as the players have not started training as yet at the Center of Excellence. However, with pre season tournaments coming up in October, the tickets are already sold. At the same time the team has not started to prepare as yet.

The dispute seems to be serious as World Rugby has decided to intervene. A mediator has been assigned and will meet with the two sides by next week. There have been general statements issued in the media about steps being taken to solve the financial issues. (more…)

Uganda To Play Zimbabwe

The Rugby 7s tournament starts off this Friday between Uganda and Zimbabwe. There are four pools that have been formed. Each pool comprises of three countries each. Pool A comprises of Senegal, Nigeria and Kenya while Pool B comprises of Uganda, Mauritius and Zimbabwe. Pool C comprises of Zambia, Madagascar and Morocco while Pool D comprises of Botswana, Namibia and Tunisia. Eric Kasita will be handling the captaincy of the African 7s team. It was initially handled by Tolbert Onyango, who was the coach for Rugby Cranes 7s.

The choice of the captaincy has been appropriated as Kasita is regarded as one of the experienced players in the team, having the maximum years of playing experience in the region. He had been part of the Commonwealth Games as well. He handled the Safari 7s which occurred last year. He had also been hooked for the national team the Rugby Cranes. (more…)