25 comments on “Another Chris Ashton’s try and fly VS Italy

  1. @WiganNProud alot of players came from rugby leage, look at Jason Robinson, he came from rugby league before making the move and knoby dissliked him

  2. @SniperKillerEire909 im from ireland so you cant call me “British” when i say this but as much as lomu was a freak of nature who did his 40meter spring in 4.5 and his hundred in 10.8 and weighed 18 stone he didnt have a high work rate, when he got the ball …he scored 90% of the time but he didnt work on the pitch for it.

    Ashton is in support for most people when they break, he reads the game well!
    the only think i dislike is he is a bit cocky but as long as you get the points people wont care

  3. @SniperKillerEire909 No-one’s denying that Jonah Lomu wasn’t a completely unstoppable winger in his day. Same with Bowe and Horgan. Sounds like you don’t dislike Chris Ashton as much as you dislike English people for some reason. His nationality has fuck all to do with it. He is an excellent player and you know it. Who was it that won the 6 Nations again? Just remind me, because I forgot.

  4. The reason people dislike him is beacuse he’s an ex-rugby league player, want good enough to make it in League. Yet he’s strolled into union and is already englands finest player.

  5. @SniperKillerEire909 why are you posting exactly the same comment from another video about ashton directly onto this one, especially when its complete bullshit.

  6. Tuilagi’s try against Aus reminded me of Ashtons swallow dive. Only Tuilagi looked like he was trying to drive the ball into the Earth’s core.

  7. another bitter irish man, always whinging about the english i hope you like spending all theEnglish money that our country bailed your out with

    and bowe and ashton lions 2013 wingers

  8. @SniperKillerEire909 clearly talentless. That’s why he has equalled the total try scoring record in the championship. Shane Horgan “worlds best”. I have never seen him score a fantastic or mesmorising try in my life.

  9. Oh my fucking god you call the most talentless winger the best in the world well clearly England you need to open the curtains and take a good look out because if any of you “British” think chris (faggot) Ashton Is the best in the world look up Jonah Lomu now he is a winger tommy bowe is a brilliant winger and Shane horgan has more talent in his pinky. So all you english supporters comment at me !!
    By the way where was the best winger when Ireland beat you ? On the side line that’s what I tough

  10. Ashton is good purely because of hard work. Have a look at where Ashton is when Haskell has the ball. He is 5 metres from the try line. while all the other players jog Ashton sprints the full length of the pitch to get in support and waves his arm to get the ball. After a full 80 minutes that kind of fitness and speed is unbelievable. Never mind a swallow dive tht man can do whatever the fuck he wants. PURE HARD WORK.

  11. @mromegamixer yeah if we ‘cant play sport for our lives’ (check that grammar again for me, ‘cus you sound like a retard) then why did ENGLAND win the 6 nations? Why were we in the last world cup final? Why did we WIN the world cup before that? How many world cups has Ireland won, ey? Yeah, thought so. Sit down, shut up, you smelly, stinky, inbred, dumb, useless, idle, gypsy.

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