25 comments on “A Tribute To Chris Ashton

  1. 3 tries against Oz 15 tries in 17 games only being playing International rugby for just over year. Ashton has taking to scoring tires like a fish to water – TRUE WORLD CLASS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @skipp48 No you couldn’t it he runs great support lines and anticpates breaks in the game something yo can not do. Ashton doesn’t get enough credit for how hard he works off the ball – but mind you 15 tries in 17 games shows for it.

  3. @Muddy100 – grow up and stop insulting people. It’s the likes of you that Youtube detests – have a proper argument/discussion about something or don’r bother posting if you have nothing constructive to say.

    I’m not going to stoop to your level and start swearing for no good reason.

  4. What a knob, I cannot respect his guy despite his undoubted ability. He needs to respect his opponents and be professional.

  5. Love Chris Ashton – I’m English and he’s one of the best wingers we’ve had in a long. long time!

    Hopefully we’ll see loads of tries in the years to come – though I wish he wouldn’t raise his hand in celebration before he’s crossed the line(!) The Swallow dive is good though 😀

  6. @MegaShamMrMan he’s a young player enjoying his rugby, try smiling every once in a while, it’ll do you a world of good

  7. @NebRevel oh you know him do you? grow up you immature idiot, he’s one of the best wingers out there at the moment, at least he’s playing international rugby whilst you sit on your sofa watching him and scoffing burgers and beer wishing you could be him

  8. @cw270693 Damn straight, and if I’d just run from my own 5 metre line to score against Australia whilst burning drew mitchell, then I think I’d be a little cocky too :L keep it going chris!

  9. that comment bout Ashton being rubbish is one of the stupidest things ever. He’s a league fullback so he’s solid in defence, quick as sin and is the Michael Owen of rugby. He knows where to be and runs brilliant lines, like Paul Sackey does – but he is better defensivly and quicker – which is why Sackey is out

  10. @mastermiddleton Why shouldn’t he make a video, that’s YouTube isn’t it? But know where your coming from re early days BUT Habana? Not consistent whatosover, had a poor season last year this season too. On CURRENT form, Ashton is right up there. Roll on the WC!

  11. @johngalooly Errr, why? You not like Tuilagi?Ashton isn’t the one who can’t knock a guy down with three full on straights!

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