25 comments on “2010 IRPA Try of the Year — Chris Ashton

  1. @MrQuickSc0ping Hmm your wrong in 2 areas there. Our Queen is still your queen, as she is also queen of Australia and Canada, just because you have another leadership doesnt mean she stops being your Queen. Also what does she actually do in England? Lets think nothing have you heard of the Houses of parliament or Prime Minister thats who actually runs the country. And i love how you probably hate the english but Wales and Scotland would be moaning if we stopped funding them

  2. @TheFiremansam22 haha what a twat, grammar was one of the first things I had to learn at primary school you obviously haven’t crossed that bridge yet

  3. @PabMyr i dont know where your from but were the only team from the NH to ever win the world cup and we usually do well in the six nations, so what if we always expect a win its called supporting your team you fucking dumb prick, at no point during the last 7 years would i have ever said england are the best team in the world you strike as know nothing cunt

  4. @purrange45 Ya but he didn’t and has gone to score 15 tries in 17 games so I guess he’s just amazing!!!!!!!!!

  5. @musiccomuk Yes you did – But hey I suppose after three world cup finals (two of them in a row) five semi final appearances and doing it by beating far greater teams than Ireland team which will forever go down as the great underachievers and a French team who through English madness have all ready had their one great game at a world cup, so yes if you got to the semi final and will no doubt beat France. However it is in the final where the Oz or NZ will show us how good your team really is.

  6. @niallm317 NO its not – I’m English and really struggle to see why everyone hates him – He’s not arrogant or cocky, he’s chirpy and loves life and he’s witty but don’t have him down as a showboater. I just think its case he’s English which is why everyone hates him.

  7. oh you are right yes chris ashton is fantastic player, but when people doubt and fault the welsh players which we all know are very good, they are in the wrong

  8. @musiccomuk at the moment wales look like the best team in the tournament and i’m supporting them completely, but there is no denying ashton is one of thje best wingers in the world, just happens he’s playing in an england team that looked shit in 3 out of 5 games

  9. @spartanchipmunk Didnt Wales just get through to the semis and England get knocked out? just saying….

  10. I watched him play when i watched irish vs saints and he is so much faster than u think he would run shane williams into dust every time

  11. @TheFiremansam22 not just the welsh mate every single nation hates england rugby and there’s one simple reason for that..arrogant twats who despite how good any other team is; believes themselves to be the best team in the world.. Live in the present you ‘whiney cunt’, world cup 2003 was almost a decade ago

  12. @OoLenny40oO drew mitchell quade cooper and o’connor… there wasnt a fat prop anywhere to be seen

  13. i love the way he steps the full back so early and turns it into a pure sprint for the line. i know mitchell isnt the fastest winger in the world but to burn him like that was mega impressive !

  14. why are england the most hated nation on earth??? if that was a kiwi or an aussie all the welsh would be rimjobing the winger than scored it but because its a good english winger shock horro they get all bitter and whiney what a bunch of cunts

  15. @loluntilmypie howay the lads..but right now swing low sweet chariot.wilkinson to..banahan with tuilagi for the win

  16. @69Seanjones I know, right? Never taking in the good side of an Ashton try and just deciding to go against the English because… well, we’re English. Typical.

  17. @SniperKillerEire909
    I’m sorry, but sure, Jonah Lomu is a given (although, if he was 14 stone instead of 20 he would have been average), Bowe is very good, or was 2 years ago.

    But Horgan, better than Ashton? You’re an idiot. Horgan barely made into the Irish side.

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